Best of the Best Yoga Classes in Dublin 2

Yoga Classes Dublin , meditation, and get in touch with their True, Divine Self.

Yoga Health and has a positive effect on body and mind. It is natural, simple to prepare, easy to digest and absorb. It is based on proper food choices and causes the least harm to other living beings and the environment.

Teacher Training Courses

Our 4-week courses, which offer a profound personal experience, will allow you to transmit the knowledge of Yoga to others. An internationally approved teaching certificate is awarded upon successful completion.

Karma Yoga Program

Karma Yoga is the first of the Four Paths of Yoga, and according to the great Yogis like Swami Sivananda, is the foundation on which all Yogic practice is based. Serve. Love. Give. Purify. Meditate. Realize.

Certificate Courses

Our certificate courses offer the opportunity to take your practice to the next level. Discover the course that’s calling to you, get certified, and share your well-earned practitioner skills with others.